Ad Hoc: Horn Calculation made easy

"Ad Hoc" is the Lowther Club of Norway's own horn calculation software. Written in MS ACCESS, it will run on any modern PC. "Ad Hoc" calculates front- and back- loaded hyperbolic, exponential, and tractrix horns.

In addition to calculating the expansion curves, it will also calculate the cavity volume for back-loaded horns (based on upper cut-off freq) and back chamber volume for frontloaded horns (based on T/S parameters).

"Ad Hoc" works in both metric and english measurements, and performs expansion math to any desired precision. (1/1 inches/centimeters, 1/10 inches/centimeters, 1/100 inches/centimeters, and so on...)

Step by step walk-through:

  1. Creating and saving the horn project, setting principal parameters.
  2. Simulating the horn expansion.
  3. Even more math, transferring the project to a spreadsheet (coming soon).