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The Lowther Club home page maintained by Ketil Parow.
New features/updates to these pages will be announced in various newsgroups as they appear. Also, check out the revision history.

A preview of features yet to come: DIY corner; DIYers' own forum for experience exchange, downloading of plans and construction software (Lowther Club of Norway's own horn calculation software), gallery with pictures of new/popular Lowther designs, reference list (where can I listen to the closest Lowther horn), a more agreeable layout of the pages, etc.

NOT appearing on these pages:

There will be a certain amount of Lowther-related materials not appearing on these pages, such as:


may be directed to our E-mail address (now closed, sorry)

NOTICE for non-members:

Do not E-mail questions that require in-depth explanations of horn theory and specific designs. We can not, will not, and don't have the time to, go into project specific discussions with everybody in the whole world. Up to now, we have been responding to all incoming E-mail, but the amount of mail is growing fast, and we can not go on answering everything.

If you have suggestions for the contents of the pages, or questions of general interest, feel free to E-mail. We will keep the pages up to date, and as informative as possible.

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