Said and written about Lowther Loudspeakers

In this section we present some audiophiles' point of view regarding Lowthers in today's hi-fi world. Two of these articles are from the American magazine 'Sound Practices', a hard-core DIY magazine highly commendable to anyone interested in high-end DIYing.

Their address is:

Sound Practices
Box 180562
Austin, TX 78718
Fax: +1 (512) 339 6229

Sound Practices also has it's own mail list on the net. Join it by sending a mail to:
SUBSCRIBE sound yourfirstname yourlastname in the body of the message

The article on the 'BIG-FUN' horn is strictly a DIY piece written by Ketil Parow (somewhat technically oriented, with calculations shown for Ketil's own speakers). An excerpt of the article is published in Electronics & Wireless World January 1995, and in Speaker Builder June/July 1996.

A large portion of Lowther owners choose to build their own cabinets, so the article should be interesting in that it illustrates the steps necessary to get there.

All these articles are in English.

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