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Welcome to the club!

Or – actually not. A couple of years ago I decided I no longer had the time to run the club the way it by rights should be. As a consequence, the club is no longer operative. But I have been receiving emails and other enquiries on a steady basis over the last years, and decided to put the pages back online.

NOTE: These pages are archived, so if you follow any of these links, you will probably experience a "way back machine" sensation. Layouts have not been updated since the late nineties, so you you may browse these pages and consider them a stroll through the web museum. Apart from the page you are now reading and the two project webs (big fun and all fun), I will leave the site "as is". If you find some nostalgic pleasure in it; Hey, Good For You!

Apart from reselling the world's finest loudspeakers, the Lowther drivers, and other products / related services, the club acts as a forum for Lowther horn builders/owners.

Lowther owners are true enthusiasts, and hopefully the club's activities will make the 'Lowther for Life' crowd grow. If you are not familiar with the concept of Lowther / horn speakers, read through these pages and open your mind to a new sound experience. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Lowther Club Of Norway

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